Sensational Sackbutlery

One of the attributes of Claude Le Jeune on Pandora Radio is “Sensational Sackbutlery.” Pandora is the only source for the term “sackbutlery” on the web. Google wants to change it to “Sock butler.”


I was going to hit post, but decided to keep looking. The OED saved me from making a fool of myself in front of the sackbutlers of the world (or is it sackbutter? sackbuttist?).

Notice how many times “sagbutt” appears… he said, snickering like a schoolboy.


One response to “Sensational Sackbutlery

  1. I arrive at your site due to someone else’s sensational sackbutlery. My search began with Pandora and, here I am, admiring your still of James Coburn in Charade, my favorite film.

    Thank you for the OED answer and the pleasant pause in my creative process.

    Kindest Regards,

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